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Gary Long Bike Collection 

Online Auction

Running now through July 28th

Antique & Vintage Bicycles Estate Auction- Collection of Gary Long, Cycle Works of Lawrence, KS. This collection features a very rare Bowden Spacelander, antique Penny Farthing High Wheel bike, vintage Whizzer motor bikes, vintage Schwinn Stingrays & Krates, signs, parts, tools and other cycling ephemera. It is an extensive collection amassed over a life-time of love for cycling. Don't miss this once in a life-time opportunity to own a piece of this iconic collection.  

Paula Acconcia Collection of Folk & Fine Instruments

Online Auction

Running now through Aug. 4th

Folk & Fine Instruments Auction- Paula Acconcia was a folk musician, thespian, lawyer and avid collector of fine and hand-crafted musical instruments. The Paula Acconcia Collection of Fine and Folk Musical Instruments is a large collection of primarily hand-crafted instruments by famous folk instrument artisan craftsmen. This collection includes an assortment of various instruments from Floor Harps, Celtic Folk Harps, Autoharps, Hammer Dulcimers, Mountain dulcimers, bowed psalteries, flutes and other woodwind instruments, drums, guitars, banjos, banjo ukuleles, violins, saxophones, and more. As well as artisan made instruments, this collection includes antique instruments and fine instruments: C.F. Martin & Co, Taylor, Deering, and more. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of this historic collection! 

Carrell Auctions is now in the Maine Antique Digest Magazine. 
Carrell Auctions is located in the  Englewood Arts District.
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Carrell Auctions is now in the Newtown Bee's Antiques & Arts Weekly Magazine 

Carrell Auctions
catalog is now on the Hôtel Drouot- Paris- International platform.

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